The Product Features Of ONU

- Nov 02, 2017-

Serialized Products

Product series: Et series, the product design uses the open architecture, the unified hardware platform. Product model is rich, all products are compatible with China Telecom Epon Interoperability standard design, support and friends business Olt docking, to protect the user has investment.

Software features Rich

Extended 2-tier features: Maximum 8KMAC Address table entries, support for static Mac table entries, double VLAN TAG, VLAN MAPPING, RSTP, etc.

Fully considered maintainability, operability, support port mirroring, loopback detection, VCT, user port description, power off notification and other operational needs of the function;

Strong ACL, QOS: Support $number Shong text filter, stream classification;

Perfect multicast function: IGMP snooping, IGMP FAST LEAVE, multicast VLAN, support for controlled multicast.

Highly centralized Operation maintenance

ONU User port supports network management, ONU support self fault detection and reset function, and in the power off, restart the original configuration can be quickly restored, but also support the remote batch software upgrade, support the upgrade failure automatic rollback function, further improve the network administrator's efficiency, reduce operator network operating costs.

Et704-l-a/et254-l-a/et254-g-a Onu/et254-g-s supports automatic long glow detection, can effectively protect the entire network optical path, and output log.

Built-in security protection mechanism

ET series ONU built-in security mechanism, from the control, management, forwarding three-plane all-round protection network equipment security. CPU protection mechanism, illegal protocol packet filtering, IP, VLAN, Mac and Port, and many other combinations of binding, bidirectional message rate suppression, MAC address number limit, MAC address black hole to prevent illegal or abnormal traffic into the network.