The Function Of ONU

- Nov 02, 2017-

Select the broadcast data sent by the Olt.

To respond to the range and power control commands issued by Olt and adjust accordingly;

The user's Ethernet data is cached and sent up the direction of the Olt distribution window;

Fully compliant with IEEE $number. 3/802.3ah;

Receive sensitivity up to -25.5dBm;

Transmit power up to 1 to +4dbm;

Pon uses single fiber to connect to Olt and then Olt to ONU. ONU provides data, IPTV (ie, interactive network TV), voice (using IAD, that is, integrated access device integrated access devices) and other services, truly "triple-play" applications;

Highest rate Pon: up and down line symmetric s data, voip voice and IP video services;

ONU "Plug and Play" based on automatic discovery and configuration;

Advanced quality of Service (QoS) features based on service level agreement (SLA) billing;

Rich and powerful OAM capabilities support remote management capabilities;

High sensitive light receiving and low input light consumption;

Support Dying gasp function.