The Function Of OLT

- Nov 02, 2017-

1. Transmitting Ethernet data to ONU (Optical Network unit) by broadcasting;

2. Initiate and control the distance measurement process, and record the range information;

3. The allocation of bandwidth for ONU, that is, control ONU send data start time and send window size.

EPON Passive Optical Network system in the local equipment (OLT), is a multiple service delivery platform, while supporting the IP business and traditional TDM business. The network is placed on the edge of the metropolitan area or the Community access network exit, converge the service and transfer to the IP network respectively.

EPON Passive Optical Network system is flexible, and the radius of 20 kilometers in the range of business access points in a number of terminals, constitute the EPON system network. The system can support a variety of business models, adapt to a variety of working environment, to provide users with FTTx series solutions.

Olt In addition to providing business convergence function, or centralized network management platform. On the Olt, the device based network element management and the business based security management and configuration management can be realized. Not only can monitor, manage the equipment and port, but also can carry on the business opening and the user condition monitoring, but also can target different user's Qos/sla request to carry on the bandwidth allocation.

Olt Routing function test method can be cdrouter for automatic testing

Olt Typical networking mode:

On the one hand will carry a variety of business signals in the local convergence, according to a certain signal format into the access network in order to the end user transmission, on the other hand will be from the end users of the signal according to the type of business into a variety of business network, can be divided into three parts:

Core parts: Includes aggregation distribution, business processing, and ODN adaptation capabilities.

Business section: Provide business interface functions, including interface adaptation, interface protection and so on, and the conversion function of signaling processing and medium transmission system with specific business when needed.

Public sector: Includes power and OAM functions.