Standard Configuration Of Huawei OLT MA5680T

- Nov 02, 2017-

Huawei MA5680T Equipment, the standard configuration is as follows:

1 Frames

2 Scun Main Control Board

2 GICF Board

2 Prte power supply board

Huawei ma5680t Optical Access equipment as a gpon/epon system in the OLT equipment, and terminal ONU equipment with the use, can provide gpon/epon access business, to meet FTTH fiber to households, FTTB fiber to the building, micro-base station transmission, IP line interconnection, bandwidth wholesale and other networking needs.

Huawei ma5680t Business Box has 23 slots and a fan frame is configured at the top. The business box is fixed in the cabinet by hanging the ear.

Huawei ma5680t Business Box provides 14 business board slots and 2 main control Board slots, the business box provides 18 slot numbers, the first slot in the left can be plugged into 2 power connectors and 1 clock processing boards, and the last slot can be plugged into a 2-block upstream interface board.

Huawei MA5680T Supported Veneer

Introduction of single board name and function

Slot Limit

Main control Board

Scun: The system main control Board, simultaneously provides the 4GE light uplink

Scul: System Main Control Board

Business Board

OPFA: Provides 16-channel Peer-to-peer FE optical Access

GPBC: Provide 4-way gpon access

GPBD: Provide 8-way gpon access

EPBC: Provides 4-way epon access

EPBD: Provides 8-way epon access

Topa: TDM interface board with 16E1 or 2*stm-1 to support the gusset

CSPA: Native TDM turn CESOP, panel no interface

Spub: MPLS Business Enhanced Processing Board, panel no interface

Ethernet Cascade and Uplink board

ETHB: provides 8*ge optical interface

SPUA: Provides 8*GE+2*10GE optical interface to support hierarchical QoS

Uplink board

GICF: provides 2*ge optical interface

GICG: provides 2*GE/FE electrical interface

X1CA: provides 1*10ge optical interface

X2CA: provides 2*10ge optical interface

X2CS: Provides 2*10GE optical interface to support synchronous Ethernet

Power Access Board

Prte: Power Interface Board