Product Features Of ZTE Olt Equipment

- Nov 02, 2017-

ZTE Olt equipment positioning for the next generation network of large-capacity xpon convergence Access platform, ZTE Olt equipment for the next generation network of HSI, VoIP, TDM, IPTV, CATV, Mobile $number, WiFi and other full service access aggregation and management control, and provide telecom-grade QoS and security reliability assurance.

Product Features

• Large capacity, high-density, high-performance, flat ZTE Olt equipment in line with the "high-capacity, high-density, to meet the" large capacity, less than the "network evolution and deployment requirements, enhance access capacity, in line with the requirements of network flattening. ZTE Olt Equipment High Density interface Board provides special solutions for Oita light ratio and long-distance application scenarios.

• Xpon Unified platform Architecture for the next generation, smooth evolution, protect current network investment, enhance competitive advantage ZTE Olt Equipment Unified Platform Support Epon/gpon/10ge Pon/ng pon/p2p fusion Access, meet the needs of the entire business development, smooth, seamless evolution.

• Adapt to network integration and full service-carrying ZTE Olt Equipment interface Flexible, with a strong 1588/1pps+tod high-precision time/clock transfer capacity, adapt to TDM and mobile backhaul load, perfect vlan/multicast/qos business capability and excellent business performance, ZTE Olt Equipment provides fine PON DBA dynamic Bandwidth allocation mechanism and QoS mechanism, which conforms to the requirement of building network under the background of optical copper retreat and triple network.

• Telecommunications-grade systems and business security, reliability assurance ZTE Olt Equipment supports Ethernet OAM and end-to-end management operations, redundant protection of key panels and hot-swappable, ZTE Olt Equipment provides a variety of network protection methods, support optical link detection, with a strong security protection.

• Energy-saving and emission reduction, green products help operators to build green communication ZTE Olt equipment to meet the industry's energy-saving emission reduction needs, support a variety of provincial electricity mode, ZTE Olt Equipment products lead-free, environmentally friendly, in product development, production and transportation throughout the whole process of green. ZTE Olt Equipment Next Generation optical access platform won the "2010 European Broadband World Forum (BBWF Europe)" InfoVision Award, is an important part of ZTE's Green broadband solution, ZTE Olt equipment is a positioning high-end market, green, integration, Meet the existing technology applications and the future of the multi-service fully-everbright capacity high-density access platform.