Introduction And Management Of ONU

- Nov 02, 2017-

ONU (Optical Network Unit) optical node. ONU is divided into active optical Network unit and passive optical Network unit. Generally, the device which includes optical receiver, uplink light transmitter and multiple bridge amplifier network is called optical node. ONU is a user-side device for the gepon (Gigabit Passive optical network) system that uses PON (passive optical network) to terminate the business delivered from Olt (optical line terminals). With Olt, ONU can provide a wide range of broadband services to connected users. such as internet surfing, VoIP, HDTV, and other services. As a user side device of FTTX application, ONU is a high bandwidth and high cost-effective terminal equipment for the transition from "copper cable era" to "optical fiber age".


One is to pay attention to ONU comprehensive equipment inspection and maintenance, scientific development of patrol plan, strict inspection records.

The second is to strengthen the meter work of equipment, regular dusting and line carding norms.

Third, strengthen the prevention of rainy season, seriously test the safety of grounding resistance, prevent the occurrence of lightning accidents.