Huawei Wireless Network, To Conquer The Future World Of Communications

- Jan 18, 2018-

Huawei wireless network, to conquer the future world of communications

Huawei demonstrated a series of mobile broadband solutions at MWC2012, including GigaSite, SoftMobile and Beyond LTE. These solutions will help operators in the era of mobile broadband to help combat digital floods, improve profitability and meet the user experience.


Wang Tao said in an interview with reporters that Huawei has been devoted to developing innovative products and customized solutions. Huawei is confident of winning the market competition in the future. Huawei introduced the GigaSite solution during the show and two industry-leading star products: the industry's largest capacity single radio module ARU (Adaptive Radio Unit) and the industry-wide double-base AtomCell. At the same time, Huawei also demonstrated its future-proof Beyond LTE technology, which can achieve a peak rate of 30Gbps at a single site and more than 20 times faster than existing LTE commercial networks, thus realizing a wireless ultra-broadband connection.


Wang Tao also said that the future is a world full of boundless possibilities, and the mobile network will show three salient features: ultra-wideband, zero wait and ubiquity. Huawei has the confidence and strength to help operators build such a mobile broadband network and eventually break the bottleneck of network capacity and defeat the digital flood to help operators achieve commercial success and meet the endless pursuit of end-user experience.