- Nov 02, 2017-


EPON (passive optical network based on Ethernet) is a kind of pon network, and it is a kind of integrated access technology, which is widely used to meet the demand of high-speed broadband service, such as video and data, with the development of telecommunication technology. Epon network consists of three parts, Olt, Odn and ONU. The main features are point to multiple points, line passive, network level is simple and clear, can provide voice, broadband, CATV and other services integrated access.

The EPON system uses the upper and lower line symmetrical transmission, the nominal rate is 1.25G.

Epon Standard is IEEE $number. 3ah, based on Gigabit Ethernet technology, through the MAC layer on the point to the multi-point Control Protocol (MPCP) to achieve the point-to-point transmission of PON, the protocol is simple, but OAM ability is slightly weaker.


The Gpon standard is the ITU-T 984 series, followed by the Apon Standard protocol framework, adding a gem to the new TC layer frame package.

There are strict stipulations on QoS and OAM, the capability of carrying TDM business is strong, and the protocol is relatively complex. The Gpon transmission rate is high and the tap ratio is large, which can provide the TDM business with high timing precision.