5G's Three Killer Features Open Three Treasure Boxes

- Jul 24, 2020-

Based on three major innovations, grasping the three major functions of 5G, and accelerating digital transformation

Since the first half of this year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought an all-round impact on the safety of human life and the global economy. It is considered to be the most serious public health crisis encountered by mankind in the past 100 years. From a historical perspective, the fundamental way to solve the challenges facing human sustainable development is to accelerate the technological revolution and industrial transformation, and there are three key factors driving its outbreak: general-purpose technological innovation, infrastructure innovation and production factor innovation.

Combining the recent central spirit and industrial practice, it can be seen that the key to accelerating a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is to promote the "three major innovations" of new generation information technology, new information infrastructure and emerging data elements.

It is predicted that by 2035, the global economic output of 5G will reach 13.2 trillion US dollars, driving the global GDP growth rate by 7%. 5G will provide a series of characteristic functions such as time-sensitive networks, non-public networks, V2X, NR positioning, mobility enhancement, and world-ground integration on the basis of enhanced communication capabilities such as bandwidth, delay, and speed. "But to make good use of these functions, the key is to understand the role of 5G from the perspective of the'three innovations'. We summarize this role into three'killer' functions." Dong Xin said.

One is to support multi-dimensional interaction of the senses. The 5G large bandwidth feature can support richer perception intelligence such as hearing, vision, and touch, and will promote the full implementation of smart technology families such as AR/VR, holographic video, and tactile Internet. According to relevant plans issued by the State Council, by 2025, the scale of my country's core artificial intelligence industry will exceed 400 billion yuan, driving related industries to more than 5 trillion yuan.

The second is to support the ubiquitous deployment of computing power. The unique architecture of 5G enables distributed computing, so that it is no longer limited to physical centralized or embedded hardware. The seamless connection between the cloud and the end will enable the infrastructure to evolve and upgrade to informatization and intelligence. According to the prediction of the Institute of Information and Communications Technology, by 2025, my country's cloud computing market will exceed 500 billion yuan, and more than 80% of enterprises will migrate key tasks to the cloud.

The third is to support real-time data circulation. The powerful 5G network can build a world-earth integration scenario covering satellites and the Internet of Things, promote larger-scale and larger-scale data collection, transmission, storage, processing and application, and accelerate the promotion of "data flow" into "value flow." According to IDC forecasts, by 2025, my country's data scale will reach 48.6ZB, with a compound growth rate of more than 30%.

Dong Xin pointed out that the "killer" functions created by the evolution of 3G and 4G essentially allow everyone to access high-speed broadband networks anytime and anywhere. This function is like opening a "treasure box", giving birth to many applications such as social networking, entertainment, and e-commerce. By analogy with 3G and 4G, let's look at the three "killer" functions of 5G or will open three "treasure boxes" to accelerate the digital transformation of social life, social production, and social governance.

In terms of digital life, vision, hearing, and tactile intelligence will rapidly penetrate into the fields of personal wear, smart home, autonomous driving, telemedicine, and distance education. New devices such as AR/VR glasses and exoskeleton will break through the limits of the human body, allowing people to Get a brand new experience of "Clairvoyance", "Shunfeng Ear" and "Hercules".

In terms of digital production, applications such as smart factories, smart mines, and smart ports with full-process intelligence will meet the needs of large-scale personalized production, greatly reduce corporate costs, increase total factor productivity, and break through the growth of corporate value through manual operations and human decision-making. "ceiling".

In terms of digital governance, smart platforms such as "Urban Super Brain" will use full data to dig out the "fourth paradigm" beyond the three traditional scientific research paradigms, enhance human insight and prediction capabilities in unknown areas, and break through theories and technologies. Innovation limits provide inexhaustible power for the sustainable development of human society.

Facing the three major difficulties, promoting the three integrations to accelerate the development of 5G

Dong Xin said that the "killer" application that spawned from the "killer" function did not happen overnight. At present, the effectiveness of 5G is still facing the "three major difficulties" of "a substantial jump in construction and operation costs, insufficient synergy in technological innovation, and an industrial integration system that has not yet been established." It is necessary to gather the forces of all parties at a higher level, a larger scope and a deeper degree. For example: use the joint force of industry, university and research to promote the integration of science and technology. Strengthen cross-border cooperation and jointly promote infrastructure integration. Break through the innovation paradigm and jointly promote the integration of data elements. We all work together to overcome difficulties and fully release the effectiveness of network innovation.

Seize the opportunity of the times, promote five upgrades, and serve the people

With the development of 5G, the central government pays attention to it, the society pays attention to it, and the people look forward to it. General Secretary Xi Jinping also made important instructions to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G. Dong Xin introduced that China Mobile will fulfill the mission and responsibilities of a central enterprise, grasp the opportunity of economic and social digital transformation, implement the 5G+ plan, vigorously promote the "five upgrades" of network, technology, operation, application, and ecology, and work with all parties in the industry to accelerate the promotion of 5G Integrate into all industries and serve the public, so that the development of the Internet will benefit the people more, and strive to make greater contributions to building a network power, a digital China, and a smart society!

One is network upgrade. Strive to exceed the annual 5G base station construction tasks to ensure that cities above the prefecture level provide 5G services. Accelerate the 3+3+X data center construction and the N+31+X cloud-network integrated infrastructure layout to consolidate the network foundation for the development of the digital economy.

The second is technological upgrading. Accelerate the promotion of 5G SA end-to-end technology improvement and industry maturity, continue to promote key technological breakthroughs such as network intelligence, and carry out in-depth cooperation in frontier directions such as 6G and world integration to achieve source innovation.

The third is operation upgrade. Build a smart middle station AaaS service system of “business middle station + data middle station + technology middle station”, build hard-core capabilities, actively promote the opening of 5G+AICDE capabilities, and provide ubiquitous intelligent cloud and edge computing services for the society and enterprises Provide strong driving force for its own continuous development.

The fourth is application upgrade. Accelerate the construction and promotion of products such as content, rights, 5G messaging, and mobile certification, promote the deployment of smart home products such as smart networking and home security, build a new smart city core platform, promote the landing of 100 5G demonstration applications in 15 industries, and support industrial transformation and upgrading .

The fifth is ecological upgrading. Unite with partners to deepen cross-border and cross-domain integration and innovation, accelerate the iterative maturity of 5G technology, industry and business model, build a cooperation platform of "M&A + equity participation + venture capital", and create a resource sharing, financing development, and win-win cooperation New ecology.

"Recently, there is a saying to the effect that'as long as you build the network, we can fill it up.' In the new era of 5G, facing the intelligent connection of all things, facing the urgent needs of economic and social digital transformation, I believe that all parties in the industry should Join hands as soon as possible,'build together, fill in together, and the sooner the better'." Dong Xin said.