Cable TV Technology Expo 2020 Will Be Held Online In October

- Jun 11, 2020-

Affected by the epidemic, SCTE/ISBE was forced to cancel its plan to host the 2020 Cable TV Expo in Denver. Recently, SCTE/ISBE announced that this year’s meeting will be completely virtualized and digital, and will be online from October 12 to 16. Hold

SCTE/ISBE said that the virtual form of the Cable TV Technology Expo will also be free for all attendees, thanks to four "hosts"-Chartered Communications, Comcast, Cox Communications and SCTE Foundation.

Nearly two weeks after SCTE/ISBE canceled the original plan for this year's meeting, the organization received notification that the designation of the Colorado Convention Center as a temporary medical facility has been extended to the rest of the year to support the COVID-19 pandemic victims. SCTE/ISBE said at the time that it would respect all eligible refund requests.

SCTE/ISBE stated that it is expected that the virtual form of the Cable TV Technology Expo "will enable a larger and more diverse group of professionals to participate in industry landmark events from their homes and offices around the world."

It is worth noting that the organization said that the Autumn Technology Forum will cite a record 267 summaries covering topics such as artificial intelligence, operational transformation, the progress of the cable TV "10G" platform, and lessons learned from the epidemic.

SCTE/ISBE said it will soon release more details about virtual sponsorship, seminars and registration information. It is reported that the 2020 CATV Expo will be co-chaired by Ed Marchetti, Comcast Senior Vice President of Operations and Tom Monaghan, Senior Vice President of Chartered Communications.

In addition, the 2020 Cable TV Pioneer Dinner originally scheduled to be held in Denver on the evening of October 13 was also cancelled. The Cable TV pioneer organization recently announced that they are picking 2020-level TV shows and "plan a new and exciting celebration to replace the large live broadcast banquet." About the banquet Details have not been disclosed.