Research and development of EPON

- Nov 02, 2017-

10G Epon inherits the advantages of simple, inexpensive and mature technology of EPON and Ethernet, and with the rapid maturation of standard and industrial chain, the 10GEPON scale business is becoming more and more close. According to mainstream operators forecast, 10GEPON will be deployed within 1 years of scale. EPON standards and technology has matured, Epon quickly entered a large-scale commercial phase. At present, the size of the China market Epon deployment has more than 20 million lines, ZTE is the main supplier of Epon, and in the process of epon deployment, the new characteristics of Epon network, proposed a mature solution for epon operation.

Epon Operational Dimension solution is a long-term accumulation of technology accumulated, is increasingly recognized by the market. and the 10GEPON Standard and Epon standard in the same time, based on the mature epon operation, the current 10GEPON operation of the project has come to a ripe. 10GEPON will be the development of scale, mature and perfect operation of the project is its strong guarantee.

Epon Operational Dimension Scheme

In the process of developing PON, ZTE has been studying and solving the problem of FTTX network operation in the new problem of Epon network. ZTE Communication Epon solution is a deep accumulation of technology, the introduction of the market has been recognized, has been applied in many provinces and cities. Epon Operational Dimension program in the equipment opening, to achieve the device Plug and Play, that is, on-site zero configuration, the management address is easy to plan, easy to configure; After the device fails, the replacement workload is small.

In the aspect of business distribution, the program supports business centralization, batch and rapid distribution, and supports multiple business configurations.

In equipment management, the program supports centralized and unified management of equipment, the management system is simple in operation, excellent in performance and good in usability.

In the aspect of service security, the scheme provides timely warning, fault remote diagnosis and remote processing of faults.

In the network monitoring, the program provides remote monitoring of equipment, operating environment monitoring.

In the network security aspect, the program provides the equipment authentication, the port localization, the user binds and the back check.

Through the provision of a sound EPON network operational solution, ZTE is helping operators to promote China's "light into the copper retreat" construction.

10G Epon Operational Dimension Scheme

Epon and 10GEPON are in the same standard definition. IEEE802.3av in wavelength planning, control protocols and management mechanisms have been fully considered, 10GEPON almost completely inherited the existing epon standards, just to Epon The MPCP protocol (IEEE802.3) expands to increase the 10Gbps capability of the notification and consultation mechanism to ensure that 10G Epon can make full use of the existing Epon operational dimension and management mechanism.

The standard fully considers the compatibility and smooth evolution of the 10GEPON network with the existing Epon network. Therefore, on the basis of the increasingly mature and extensive application of the epon operation, the 10GEPON operation of the project is a solution.