Operational data of the three major operators in May: 5G is unique

- Jun 23, 2020-

C114 News June 23 (Le Si) "Now on the land of the motherland, every week it is about to increase more than 10,000 5G base stations." On May 25, the second plenary meeting of the three sessions of the 13th National People's Congress After the end, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, introduced the speed of China's 5G network laying to the outside world on the "Ministerial Passage".

The rapid development of 5G is also reflected in the user scale. Recently, the three major operators released the May operation report. The data shows that the sum of 5G users of China Mobile and China Telecom exceeded 80 million. In May, China Unicom still did not announce the number of 5G users. However, considering the volume of China Unicom and Telecom and the mutual establishment and mutual sharing of 5G base stations, Its 5G user data will not differ much from the latter. In other words, the total of 5G users of the three operators may have exceeded 100 million.

Except for 5G users, other operating data of operators has improved significantly compared with the previous months, especially China Telecom has won the "Grand Slam", the main business users have achieved growth, and the net increase in mobile users is even more Against the trend increased 2.68 million.

In May, China Mobile's 5G subscribers continued to be arrogant, and China Telecom's mobile subscribers were completely crushed. In comparison, China Unicom's performance was slightly inferior. In the face of future user competition, China Mobile held 700MHz weapon before, and China Telecom continued to eat Unicom's share. The loss of China Unicom users may have just begun~

User growth presents a dynamic balance and the effect of number portability has begun to show

With the advent of 5G, more and more operators around the world have released 2G/3G network withdrawal plans. Some countries in North America and Asia-Pacific are at the forefront of the global 2G/3G network withdrawal process. Other regions also have 2G/3G network withdrawal processes. Intensive.

Among domestic operators, China Unicom is the most active. China Unicom plans to completely shut down its 2G network by the end of the year. Based on the current proportion of mobile phone users of the three major operators, it is roughly estimated that the number of China Unicom’s 2G users on the network is 50 million, that is, about 50 million Users will be affected by China Unicom's shutdown of 2G networks.

The withdrawal of 2G usually requires a long time to prepare, but China Unicom is a bit too hasty. In addition, the convenience of porting numbers to the Internet now seems to be developing in a direction that is not conducive to China Unicom.

In terms of specific data, China Unicom's mobile billing users decreased by 540,000 in May, reaching a total of 309 million. Mobile billing users accumulated a net decrease of 9.73 million this year. Among them, 4G users had a net increase of 1.905 million this month, reaching a total of 258 million, and 4G users had a net increase of 4.472 million this year.

In this regard, China Unicom said that from January to May 2020, facing the challenges of market saturation, fierce market competition and the new coronavirus epidemic, the company self-discipline adheres to rational and standardized competition, strengthens differentiated and Internet-based operations, innovates communications supply, and strengthens Integrate operations, strictly control user development costs, actively clean up inefficient and ineffective products and channels, maintain company value, and actively promote new information application products, and strive to promote high-quality development.

As a partner of China Unicom's 5G co-construction and sharing, China Telecom's performance is a different prospect. Statistics show that the number of mobile users of China Telecom has increased by 2.68 million, and the number of mobile users has accumulated to 341.2 million. Under the premise that the existing users have been exhausted, China Telecom's mobile user growth has increased month by month. It has continued to top the list of mobile user net additions for several consecutive months. Obviously this is the majority of users lost by Unicom.

Among the three major operators, China Mobile is still the most dazzling one. According to the data, China Mobile's monthly net increase in customers in May was 252,000, and the total number of users reached 946,979 million. The number of 4G customers increased by 3.809 million, a total of 757.534 billion.

For the fixed-line business, the overall situation is set. Since China Mobile won the first place, the number of net added users has maintained a steady growth. In May, China Mobile’s cable customers increased by 2.015 million customers that month, reaching a total of 195195 million. China Telecom's wired broadband subscribers increased by 680,000 in May, and the cumulative number of wired broadband subscribers was 153.35 million. China Unicom's fixed-line broadband users increased by 402,000 in May, reaching a total of 85.543 million. Fixed-line broadband users increased by 2.065 million this year.

5G commercial acceleration users may exceed 100 million

On June 6, last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G licenses. On September 30, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the official start of commercial use. Over the past year, the pace of 5G commercialization has continued to accelerate. The 5G package customers of domestic operators also achieved rapid growth.

In May, China Mobile's net increase in the number of 5G package customers was 11.864 million, and the cumulative number of 5G package customers reached 55.609 million. China Telecom's 5G package users in May increased by 8.35 million, and 5G package users totaled 30.05 million. It is worth noting that China Unicom has not disclosed the number of 5G users. However, according to predictions, the 5G subscribers of the three operators together may have exceeded 100 million.

The rapid development of 5G users is inseparable from the construction of 5G base stations. At present, the cumulative number of 5G base stations in my country has exceeded 250,000. According to Miao Wei, the former Minister of Industry and Information Technology, 5G has accelerated the construction rate since the beginning of the year, and now more than 10,000 5G base stations are added every week. It is expected that by the end of this year, my country will build more than 600,000 5G base stations, covering cities above the prefecture level in the country. At the same time, the continuous maturity of terminals and industry chains is also paving the way for operators to develop 5G users.

The three major operators are also vigorously giving discounts to the 5G package tariffs that users actually have. Recently, the news of discounts for 5G packages has caused heated discussions. The monthly fee, which started at 100 yuan, was reduced to 88 yuan after discount. In the future, as the price of 5G mobile phones dips and the coverage of 5G networks expands, the lower 5G entry package may be launched within the year, and the threshold for consumers to enjoy 5G networks will be further reduced.