A brief introduction to Gpon

- Nov 02, 2017 -

GPON (gigabit-capable PON) The technology is based on ITU-TG. $number. x standard of the latest generation of broadband passive optical integrated access standards, with high bandwidth, high efficiency, large coverage, user interface rich and many other advantages, by most operators as the implementation of access network services Broadband, integrated transformation of the ideal technology. Gpon was first proposed by the Fsan organization in September 2002 and ITU-T completed the development of the ITU-T 984.1 and G. 984.2 in March 2003, and completed the standardization of G. 984.3 in February 2004 and June. Thus finally formed the standard family of Gpon.

Gpon technology originated in 1995 began to form the ATM technical standards, PON is the English "passive optical network" abbreviation. Gpon (gigabit-capable passive optical Network) was first proposed by Fsan in September 2002, and ITU-T was completed in March 2003 by ITU-T 984.1. and the development of G. 984.2, the standardization of G. 984.3 was completed in February 2004 and June. Thus finally formed the standard family of Gpon. The basic structure of equipment based on gpon technology is similar to the existing PON, also by the OLT (Optical line terminal), the user side of the ONT/ONU (Optical network terminal or optical Network unit), the first two devices connected by Single-mode fiber (SM fiber) and passive splitter (Splitter) Composed of ODN (optical distribution network) and network management system.

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