Guangzhou Queenton Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Queenton located in Guangzhou,Baiyun,which has a professional IT technology team and provides specialized technical services, including IT system operation and maintenance, communication equipment operation and maintenance, weak current engineering design, solution design, scientific and technological projects commission research and cooperation and R&D of communications hardware and software products and so on.

Hot Products

    • ZTE C320

      ZTE C320

      ZTE ZXA10 C320 Device Optical Access Equipment MINI 2U OLT For...

    • ONU EG8141A5

      ONU EG8141A5

      FTTH optic network unit 5dBi 4port+1TEL+WIFI2.4G fiber optic...

    • Huawei EG8010H

      Huawei EG8010H

      Brand New Indoor Huawei GPON ONT,Gateway Terminal FTTH HG8546M...